Sheffield drinker banned from Wetherspoons after staff member ‘steals’ his pint

The Benjamin Huntsman on Cambridge Street in Sheffield.The Benjamin Huntsman on Cambridge Street in Sheffield.
The Benjamin Huntsman on Cambridge Street in Sheffield.
A Sheffield drinker has been banned from a Wetherspoons pub after complaining that a staff member ‘stole’ his unfinished pint.

John Bodnar, of Base Green, lost the alcoholic beverage earlier this year after going outside for a cigarette with his mate Chris.

However, by the time they went back in a staff member at the Benjamin Huntsman on Cambridge Street had tidied their glasses away thinking they had left.

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John now want a full refund from Wetherspoons, as well as confirmation he can again frequent the popular city centre bar, from where he was barred after arguing with staff.

“My mate only had a mouthful left but I had almost half a pint,” said John.

“It’s not the drink or the money, it is the principle. In a roundabout way it is theft.

“The manager said we left them unattended but what are we meant to do, take them to the toilet with us when we go?”

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John, who says he drinks in both the Benjamin Huntsman and Banker’s Draft regularly, says he has now been waiting four months for the company to do the right thing.

He admits the pair could have taken their drinks with them outside the back of the pub, but prefer to go for a smoke at the front of the building nearer to where they sit.

“I told them the table next door knew we had gone outside so they could have asked them, but then they started getting really funny with me,” said John.

“I have been barred since but they agreed to let me back in a month ago. Since then I have heard nothing.”

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A spokesperson for Wetherspoons said: “The pint was unattended for ten minutes and had no more than a mouthful in it, so was cleared from the table.

“He queried this with a staff member in an unacceptable manner and subsequently came in with friends. They purchased drinks for him whilst he was outside to avoid being seen by staff.

“On many occasions he has been rude to members of staff and after several warnings, he was barred. We fully back the decision of the staff on both matters.”

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