Savour these shock ice creams

Shock ices new to the menu at locally-owned diner chain Ribshack are getting customers hot under the collar...

The hand-made ice creams come in three savoury flavours – red pepper, Jack Daniels with Louisiana spice glaze, and BBQ.

“They’ve gone on the menu this week for a bit of fun. Customers seem to either like or loathe them; they are a real shock to the senses because you expect ice cream to be sweet,” says Sheffielder Steve Palmer-Smith, a trained chef and owner of Ribshack’s three eatieries in the city.

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The not-so-cool ices, only available at Ribshack at ValleyCentertainment, were made specially for Steve by Meadowhall’s resident ice cream makers the Marble Slab Creamery.

“We played around with a few flavours and hit on three that I think really work,” says Steve.

“They are so wrong, but to me, so right. The chilli one has a real kick to it.”

The ices, served in a sundae glass and topped with a hand-made tortilla chip instead of a wafer, cost £3.99 with a free cup of tea or coffee.