New Marmadukes café and sourdough bakery to open on Ecclesall Road today

The couple behind Marmadukes will open their third café at the former sorting office on Ecclesall Road this week, complete with a sourdough bakery, and say “they can’t wait” to finally welcome customers.

By Sarah Marshall
Sunday, 27th June 2021, 7:35 pm
Updated Sunday, 27th June 2021, 7:36 pm

After two years of work, Clare and Tim Nye will open the Marmadukes’ Sorting Office café and sourdough bakery at 846 Ecclesall Road from 8.30am on Wednesday, June 22.

The couple said in a statement: “The Sorting Office has been a huge undertaking over the past two years. But we are absolutely delighted with the outcome. Having our very own sourdough bread is for us so exciting and judging by the comments of passers-by for them too.

"Actually that’s one of the things that’s kept us going, words of encouragement from the locals community has spurred us on each and every day. Now we just can’t wait to finally welcome them through the doors.”

Clare and Tim Nye pictured outside the new Marmadukes on Ecclesall Rd in May 2021. Picture Scott Merrylees

The new site will have a sourdough bakery and promises to deliver the “Marms goodness” customers have come to expect, including seasonal food, speciality coffee and a zero waste shop.

Clare is passionate about ensuring that their bakery offers something different, and Marmadukes has been given the opportunity of baking bread using Wildfarmed grain, a farming project from Andy Cato, which seeks to help arable farmers grow wheat without chemicals and to protect soils at the same time.

Wildfarmed work with artisan bakeries across the country, and Marmadukes will be the first place in Sheffield to be given access to their grain.

As part of the arrangement with Wildfarmed, Marmadukes will have the pleasure of artisan baker, Cindy Zurias, who trained in Michelin Star restaurants and managed one of Britain’s biggest artisan bakeries, coming on board as a consultant baker while their new bakery is set up.

"Cindy will be working with us...we’ve been very lucky to get her. She’s one of the UK’s best sourdough bakers, after working at Little Bread Pedlar [in Bermondsey, London]. They’re making incredible bread,” said Clare.

Clare and Tim opened their first Marmadukes café on Norfolk Row in the city centre in 2012, before branching out to a second site in 2020, underneath the HSBC offices in Grosvenor House, as part of the council-led £470 million Heart of the City II scheme.