Pictures reveal how new hub made out of shipping containers with huge outdoor screen at Sheffield's Fargate will look

Sheffield Council and Steel Yard have teamed up on plans to create a new attraction in the city centre with cafes, shops and a large screen to showcase local talent.

The plans for the installation, which will cost in the region of £300,000, were revealed this week and it is expected to be open on the top of Fargate near the Town Hall later this year.

It will be made of re-purposed shipping containers and include shops, cafes, outdoor seating, toilets, living wall areas and a large screen playing work by local film makers and events as well as promotions for local businesses.

The council hopes it will provide an inclusive meeting space for city centre residents and workers as well as others in Sheffield and beyond.

These artist's impressions by AAD Architects show what it could look like from various angles around the city centre including sneak peeks at what it could look like inside.