Join this mum's Sheffield workshops to find out how to cook coloured fresh healthy pasta you won't find anywhere else

Annabel Garbett, aged seven, making pastaAnnabel Garbett, aged seven, making pasta
Annabel Garbett, aged seven, making pasta | User (UGC)
A mum-of-two who created a healthy alternative of one of her children’s favourite meals, pasta, is sharing her recipe with families at a hands-on workshop.

Viktoria Garbett, who is from Hungary but lives in Sheffield, runs her ‘Twiddlefood’ workshops for people of all ages and abilities, including children, where she teaches them how to make their own fresh pasta.

Viktoria, who runs the workshops in her spare time, said she wanted to inspire people to cook with their families.

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“The reason I have started Twiddle is because my eldest daughter Annabel, now aged seven, was a fussy eater. I was not going to give in to her fussy eating. I started making everything from scratch and started to involve her in cooking as soon as she could hold a wooden spoon.

“One day I popped into a charity shop and saw a brand new pasta machine so I thought I would give pasta making a go. Annabel found the machine very exciting and wanted to make the pasta by herself, she was four-years-old at the time.

“I then tried nearly every pasta sauce, hiding lots of vegetables in the sauce that she would not eat if she knew what they were. Then I thought, maybe I could start hiding vegetables in the actual pasta dough.

“I started experimenting with beetroot powder, spirulina and raw cacao powder to make colourful dough and keep her interest. She started inviting her friends around asking me to make pasta with them and I found myself every other weekend having someone around to teach some pasta art.”

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Viktoria, who is also mum to five-year-old Mia, only uses natural ingredients in her pasta dough, offering people the chance to cook a healthier alternative to some products that can be found on supermarket shelves.

During the workshop, she shows people how to make their pasta in to different shapes which can not be found in shops, using special equipment from Italy and Hungary. She also tells them which natural products they can use to change the colour of their pasta dough so they can make something fun and unique.

Viktoria whizzes up a sauce, which the chefs can enjoy then and there with the pasta they have made. People can also take some of their fresh pasta dough with them so it can be enjoyed later at home.

Viktoria holds monthly pasta workshops at Kooc Cafe on Ecclesall Road and has also recently launched children’s parties. The next one will be held in January.

Visit for more information, and search @TwiddleFood on Instagram.