Food review: Wingin’ It... in style at Sheffield Plate

After listening to friends implore me for months on end to try out the “amazing chicken wings” at Wingin’ It, I finally took the plunge just after the opening of its new restaurant at Sheffield Plate, a fantastic new food hall in Orchard Square.

By Christopher Hallam
Friday, 8th October 2021, 1:05 pm
Wingin' It at Sheffield's new food hall in Orchard Square
Wingin' It at Sheffield's new food hall in Orchard Square

First impressions are very much positive, upon walking into the venue my senses were impacted with a smorgasbord of mouth-watering aromas, courtesy of a wide-variety of cuisine offerings from around the world. But more on that later. I was here with one mission and one mission alone, Chicken wings.

Greeted by one of the founders Lewis, I made my selection from the extensive menu of chicken infused dishes. What was great to see was also a selection of Vegan dishes which also look excellent in their own right, plus waffles, bites and wedges — choice most certainly is king here.

After deciding on a range of dishes comprising of; Sticky Icky BBQ, Salt ‘N’ Pepper and Fiery Jerk wings, I also complemented this choice with Mac ‘N’ Cheese Bites and a Boneless Wing Burger, as well as a couple of bottles of Red Juice, I took my order buzzer and took a wander around the venue, while I waited — more on the drink choice later.

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Wingin' It at Sheffield's new food hall in Orchard Square

Sheffield Plate is packed with a number of food stalls, street food style. You just make your order, take a buzzer and find a table. It’s spacious, clean, well lit and also features a couple of bars which are both situated downstairs. They even host live music performances in the evenings. It’s not just a place for food, it’s one that sets the mood… but I digress, back to the food.

I must admit I do like a bit of spice, so the first thing I had to try was the Fiery Jerk wings and they do not disappoint, tender chicken that gently strips away from the bone, a lovely bit of spice to it as well… or somewhat fiery if you will. The Jamaican jerk seasoning is perfectly delivered with rich flavours and a steadily rising heat that complements rather than overpowers. Next up I had to get my fingers on the finely bread-crumbed Mac ‘N’ Cheese Bites, textures were simply perfection here and to quote the menu, clusters of macaroni and cheese, each bite perfectly seasoned. The cheesy consistency was such that you wouldn’t even need a dip, a wonderful marriage of gooey flavour and pasta — but it wouldn’t go amiss.

Next up, I went for the Salt ‘N’ Pepper wings with oriental seasoning (coriander) and lovely slices of red chilli adorning the pile of wings. Sumptuous, need I say any more? I will anyway, a sign of a good wing is the desire to dive back in for more even if you’re full. What’s my weakness? Wings, clearly. So moreish. The last of the wings were a sticky, glazed delight, Sticky Icky BBQ adorned with what was called a ‘Back-on-the-Ranch’ BBQ, I don’t even know the ingredients but each mouthful was one to savour, succulent chicken and a glaze that is finger-licking, even if that’s not the official Wingin’ It motto.

Moving onto the burger, a Boneless Wing Burger, which is the most understated name of the lot, because clichés aside this one is definitely bringing flavour back or should that be Wingin’ Flavour Back? Who knows, all I am certain of is that the Southern fried boneless wing burger topped with lettuce, tomato and monterey jack cheese, plus the signature Wingin’ It sauce in a lightly toasted sesame brioche bun, is a wholesome delight. Every bite seemed to melt in my mouth… a definitive thumbs up.

Wingin' It at Sheffield's new food hall in Orchard Square Salt and Pepper Wings

Finally, we have the simplistically titled Red Juice, a rich blend of strawberry, grenadine, cherry and raspberry with a splash of citrusy lemon and lime. It’s so thirst quenching and at £2 a bottle, I wish that there was more. That’s the only criticism I have.

Wingin’ It originally started out as a delivery only service during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and with the opening of its new stall, the team are delivering a plethora of flavours. There’s apparently so many ways you can do fried chicken but it’s about combining the flavours in such a way that each bite takes you on a delightful journey of flavour. All of this is for a fairly decent price as well, in total for all of the dishes and two bottles of Red Juice the total price came in at just under £30, which may seem a lot in comparison to a certain Colonel’s offerings, but there’s a growing chasm between the two… oh and did I mention they do excellent vegan food AND waffles too?

Wingin’ It, great food, a really pleasant (and growing) team, and just good vibes all around. I’ll be back, definitely.

Wingin' It at Sheffield's new food hall in Orchard Square Owner Lewis RocheJjones