Find desserts that live up to their heavenly name at this pudding based Sheffield restaurant

They say a brand name should instantly tell a consumer what they are getting from a product, and Heavenly Desserts does that.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 2:45 pm
Heavenly Desserts,Divsion Street,Sheffield City Centre. Pictured is Ellie Townsend(left) with a All Berry Bang Milkshake and Grace Fearn with a WaterMelon Mint Mojito……..Pic Steve Ellis

The dessert-only restaurant, on Division Street in Sheffield city centre, is the latest in a string of these eateries opening in the city, and for a diner with a sweet tooth it is indeed a heavenly place to be.

I arrived with a group of friends, who all have an extremely sweet tooth and were just as excited as I was to sample the dishes on offer.

We were greeted at the door by Grace, who promptly showed us to a cosy booth and asked if we required the special gluten free and vegan menu or if we had any allergies she should be aware of.

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Heavenly Desserts,Divsion Street,Sheffield City Centre.Pictured is Lotus Biscoff Cheescake……..Pic Steve Ellis

The attention to detail not only made us feel welcome and well cared for.

As I am vegetarian I did take a vegan menu. I was extremely impressed when Grace later told us that everything on the main menu is vegetarian. It’s almost unheard of as a vegetarian to be able to choose anything.

Owner Hassan said: “The special gluten free and vegan menu launched about four months ago because it was what our customers wanted, so we listened to them.

“We are very passionate about the products we offer and looking after our customers. The customers have given us lots of good feedback.”

Heavenly Desserts,Divsion Street,Sheffield City Centre.Pictured is Gluten Free Brownie Explosion…..Pic Steve Ellis

Unusually for me I was last to decide what I wanted with so many delicious options to choose from, including waffles, cookie dough, cheesecakes, puddings, milkshakes and pancakes.

Eventually, I settled on ‘I Might As Well’, which is gooey fudge brownie pieces served with lots of velvety custard and Belgian milk chocolate sauce, (£4.80), while my companions chose the ‘White Kiss' crepe, which is drizzled with warm Belgian white chocolate and served with a scoop of gelato and whipped cream, (£6), a M adagascan vanilla cheesecake (£5.80) and a cookies and cream cheesecake (£4.20).

All four desserts were superb. Once they were served, (in a very speedy and friendly fashion), comments of ‘oh wow, that looks yummy’ gave way to silence was we all tucked in and enjoyed our decadent treats. The brownie was soft with a rich chocolate flavour and the warm custard was just what I wanted on a cold autumn night. I was also pleased with the generous amount of custard given. It was divine.

My friends equally enjoyed their desserts, saying they were also exceptional.

The desserts are served in ample portion sizes, but with so many on offer we decided to share some more. We had, after all, eaten a light meal beforehand in preparation…

As a big Lotus Biscoff fan I opted for the Lotus Biscoff cheesecake, (£4.20) and a vegan milkshake of the same flavour, (£5.10). We also shared another cookies and cream cheesecake, along with a Belgian chocolate milkshake and cookie blast milkshake (both £4.80).

The cheesecake and the milkshake were the best I have ever had; the flavours of both were wonderfully intense and smooth and the cheesecake was extremely light with a lovely whipped texture and a crunchy biscuit base.

My friend also declared the Belgian chocolate milkshake to be the best he had ever had because of the rich chocolate flavour and silky texture. Along with a warming ruby pink latte, (£2.95), our total bill came to £46.85.

Heavenly Desserts opens until 11pm or midnight, seven days a week, at 85 Division Street.