Discover the two new Sheffield restaurants that have opened at popular city square

Two new restaurant openings at Dyson Place in Sheffield will provide more casual dining options that don’t sacrifice quality.

By Steven Ross
Friday, 6th August 2021, 1:12 pm
Cornerstone Cafe aims to provide a more casual dining experience.
Cornerstone Cafe aims to provide a more casual dining experience.

Cornerstone, which is an Italian cafe, opened at Dyson Place in late June, and Spanish tapas bar IberiCo will move to the location from its former site at Hickmott Road on August 13.

The two eateries will both bring different flavours and modes of dining, adding to the variety on offer at Dyson Place, a popular food and retail square set back off Sharrowvale Road, with a relaxed holiday-style vibe.

Richard Massarella, one of the owners of Cornerstone, said: “Coffee is our thing, but there is a huge passion for food and wine as well.

IberiCo will offer a menu of 12-15 tapas dishes, which will be changing all the time.

"People stumble on us or come in for coffee and look at the menu and stay for lunch.

“I wanted this to be a place that people love to come to eat. I didn’t want people to come and feel pressured to come and have a three course meal.

“The diner can pick their own experience. Starters are bigger than tapas which gives a bit more of a selection.

“My family on the Italian side, when they eat dinner they have the plates in the middle of the table and they all help themselves to the food and share that experience.”

Feature on Dyson Place in Sharrowvale. Tapas at IberiCo. Picture Scott Merrylees

Iberico has become known for its authentic Spanish food and drink while based on Hickmott Road, and promises more of the same at Dyson Place.

Daniel Marquez Pedrosa, owner of IberiCo, said: “IberiCo is somewhere you can sit and relax and have a good time.

"We will have a tapas menu of 12 to 15 dishes – it is a small menu so you know it will be well done.

“The menu is changing all the time so you will never get bored.

"I am a perfectionist, everything has to be right. Authenticity is very important.

"We have made a Spanish omelette every day this week, recording what we have done and how to improve it.”

We tasted some of the tapas dishes, including a Spanish omelette, pork stew, and croquettes.

The flavours where phenomenal and Daniel’s love of authentic Spanish food shone through.

I was also fortunate to sample a glass of Viña Rufina, a delicious fruity wine which is exclusively distributed in the UK through IberiCo.

For this alone, IberiCo is worth a visit.

Daniel added: “We have the location, the food and the service, all together it will be dynamite.”

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