Costa's rules on caffeine challenged after Sheffield teenager is banned from buying coffee

A Sheffield dad has questioned Costa’s rules on what teenagers are allowed to buy in their coffee shops after his daughter was told she couldn’t purchase a latte.

Thursday, 16th September 2021, 11:22 am

The 13-year-old girl visited Costa in Woodseats but when she asked for her favourite coffee, she was told they didn’t sell caffeinated drinks to under 16 year olds.

The dad, who didn’t wish to be named, said: “My daughter has had no problem in the past – she’s been served no problem. She was embarassed and I was amazed when she came back to tell me.

"We don’t let her drink coffee all the time and limit the amount she has, but when you go to Costa it’s a treat.

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"Why are they stopping teenagers buying coffee? I can think of far worse things they could be drinking.

"And if you’re going to ban coffee, why not stop them eating sugary foods like double chocolate muffins or other foods that they sell. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Previously Costa has said it does not encourage the sale of caffeine to children under 16 and have added that it is at the individual store’s discretion to question a customer's age if they have any concerns.

The Star has asked Costa for a comment and is awaiting their reply on the specific situation at the Woodseats outlet.