Cook restaurant quality curry at home – with The Botanist Sheffield chef Sanjeev

Are you missing a curry from your favourite restaurant in lockdown?

Tuesday, 2nd February 2021, 7:25 am

We know we are!

Well now you can bring a little piece of restaurant eating to your home during lockdown with this instructional video, created by The Botanist chef, Sanjeev.

Sanjeev is definitely missing his time in the kitchen at the Sheffield bar and eatery, and decided to don his chef’s hat this week to create a guide to one of this favourite dishes for those at home, eager to try something different.

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Sanjeev from The Botanist Sheffield

Find the ingredients for his chicken curry below, and watch the video for the method:


- 1kg chicken (with or without bones, as preferred)

- 2 medium-sized onions (red or white)

- 2 diced ripe plum tomatoes

- 2tbsp garlic paste

- 1tsp turmeric powder

- 1tsp chilli powder (can increase if more heat preferred)

- 1tbsp cumin powder

- 1tbsp coriander powder

- 5g chopped fresh coriander

- Salt to season

- 75ml oil

- 2 cups water