Clam and Cork: Brand new seafood gin which 'tastes like the sea' being produced in Sheffield

A brand new seafood gin, Clam and Cork, is being produced by a Sheffield based distillery as part of collaboration with Doncaster seafood restaurant.

Friday, 13th May 2022, 11:16 am

The new gin is based on seafood and is being produced by Locksley Distilling, Sheffield.

Described as ‘tasting like the sea’, with a refreshing flavour, the seafood gin is being produced by the distillery as part of a collaboration with a Doncaster market restaurant, Clam and Cork.

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New Seafood gin, 'Clam and Cork' being produced in Sheffield

Locksley Distilling has been around since 2013 and released its first gin in 2014, before moving into Portland Works, Sheffield, in 2015.

It focuses on making gins and liquors, and has begun its ‘Co-Labs’ series, which not only stands for collaboration with restaurants and food companies, but also represents the fact it is done in a lab with colder distilling which gives their gins a more pure taste.

To date, Locksley has done 12 Co-Labs, with two being liquors and 10 gins, and five more are in development.

Its brand new seafood gin, Clam and Cork, is the one sure to catch the eye. It is being developed as a Co-Lab with Clam and Cork in Doncaster market to be sold through the restaurant and also online on the Locksley Distilling website.

New seafood gin, 'Clam and Cork', being produced in Sheffield.

On this brand new seafood gin, Cynthia King, from Locksley Distilling, says it ‘tastes of the sea’.

"Other people have done oyster shells in gin before to create coastal gins but I don’t think anyone has done it in a Vacuum Still before and the flavour we get from that,” said Cynthia.

"So it’s not a fishy tasting gin, it doesn’t taste like oysters as it is just the shell we are using to get a nice minerality.

"It tastes like the sea I would say, not like oysters. It has oysters, fresh still and lemon and are all distilled in that vacuum still and then five other botanicals we distill in a traditional method – and then we blend all these together post-distillation to create the gin.”

Locksley Distillation is currently creating its second batch of Clam and Cork gin ready to make available and has already received fantastic support and feedback on the new Co-Lab product.