Winning horse was rescued from the brink

Winning combination: Mark Caley on board his mount Twist and Shout.
Winning combination: Mark Caley on board his mount Twist and Shout.
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MARK Caley won the first big race of the day - on a horse he rescued from the knacker’s yard.

The Flagg-born Farrier notched his third personal success on Twist And Shout - a mount that was almost destroyed before he got him.

“The race felt the best it has ever felt this year,” said 42-year-old Flagg-born Mark, who came second in last year’s race.

“The horse likes firm ground, I could feel the spring in his step all the way wround, fantastic.

“The wind didn’t bother me at all it was a great ride.”

But for Mark, Twist And Shout would have been on a one way trip years ago had he not come to the rescue.

“The horse was going to be put down the next day when I first saw him.

“I went and bought him for £350. There was nothing wrong with him, thopugh his legs were a bit heavy. The girl who owned him had not been on him for a while and when she did he threw her. She had had enough of him and was going to have him put down.

“To be honest when I first got him I didn’t think he was any good but one day I went on a day’s hunt with him when another horse couldn’t go out and he loved it.

“He has no fear of jumping stone fences which some have, he really enjoys it. He was excellent today.”

Sheffield’s Pip Clayton came second in the race and was delighted with the way it went - though her preparations were not ideal.

“ I have been at Badminton working all weekend and I didn’t get home until 2am and sat on the horse for the first time in a week this morning,” said Pip from Curbar.

“In the race I got stuck behind someone who stopped and that held me up but I was catching up and next year I will be in contention. It really enjoyed it”