Try this ballet healthy recipe from dancer Dreda Blow

Dreda Blow with her Asian Bolgnaise recipe
Dreda Blow with her Asian Bolgnaise recipe
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She has to be as light as a feather when she dances, but Dreda Blow puts paid to the myth ballerinas eat like birds.

“Dancers have to stay slim, but we work incredibly hard and use so much energy many of us eat a great deal,” says the 28-year-old Canadian, first soloist in Northern Ballet’s Cleopatra at Sheffield Lyceum March 25-29,

“I eat a healthy and varied diet high in protein, fruit and vegetables, and I get most of my carbohydrates from brown rice, oats, quinoa and potatoes rather than wheat products. I snack constantly on fruit, nuts or yoghurt in the day to keep up my energy levels. Fluids are important too. I sip water all day and herbal tea all evening. Of course I need to treat myself too, and after dinner I love a few big chunks of Cadbury’s!”