Tragic dad's suicide after break-up row

A DAD was found dead in a remote Doncaster country lane after a serious row with his former lover, an inquest heard.

Roofer Wayne Bridgett, aged 33, told friends he was worried about how his split from Leanne Reardon would affect his opportunities to see his young son.

Mr Bridgett had been living first in his van, and then in a friend's mobile office building since he and Ms Reardon left a former home the had shared at Tranquil Walk in Rossington.

Ms Reardon had moved back in with her parents in Tickhill.

His body was found hanged next to Lime Kiln Lane, Stainton, on May 23 last year, with his van close by.

Mr Bridgett, who had been a heavy user of heroin, had died after visiting Ms Reardon and asking her to get their relationship back on track.

She had told him she did not want to get back together because she was trying to get away from drugs.

She said he got angry, and she asked him to leave. She accompanied him to his van, where he slashed his own face with a knife.

She said in a statement: "He kept asking for a second chance, but I said no.

"He said, 'I will show you how much I love you', and cut down the right side of his face. He did it again and again."

He was found dead after his cousin Wayne spotted his van parked at the roadside in Stainton on May 22 last year. He returned the next day with a work colleague to look for him, and discovered the body.

Police ruled out any suspicious circumstances.

Wayne Bridgett told Doncaster coroner Nicola Mundy he had spoken to his cousin after his split from Ms Reardon. He said: "He was worried about not getting to see his son. He said they had split up and she wouldn't take him back. He was unhappy he would not get to see his son every day. I think it was upsetting him and getting him down. He had a close bond with his son."

Medical records passed to Ms Mundy revealed Mr Bridgett had previously taken a paracetamol overdose in 2008. He had been treated for depression-related symptoms and been referred to the community mental health team.

Recording a verdict that he took his own life, Ms Mundy said: "Significant events in 2009 were the break-up with his girlfriend and perhaps his concern over what effect that was going to have on his relationship with his son."

He had not left a suicide note.


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