‘Time to get these buses sorted’ plea

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Welcome to Ecclesfield, the village where time stands still - and sometimes goes backwards.

I walked down to the Ecclesfield High Street bus stop on Wednesday evening to catch my customary 75 High Green bus to Chapeltown Royal British Legion club, due at 21.16 pm.

The board at the bus stop read 75 High Green bus, 11 minutes, so in the freezing cold , I decided to walk across the road and spend five minutes in the much warmer Co-op. I did so and returned to the bus stop to see the board still reading 75 High Green, 11 minutes, which shortly after turned to 12 minutes! Ten minutes later another board appeared, reading High Green 75 bus 23 minutes .

At around ten minutes to ten, frozen stiff after a wait of 40 minutes, I gave it up as a bad job, went back to the Co-op, bought two bottles of beer and started to make my way home. I had got to the corner of Wordsworth Avenue, about 120 yards from the bus stop when a High Green bus appeared and sailed on its way towards Chapeltown.

This was not the first time in recent weeks this has happened, and I’m writing to the bigwigs at the bus company asking them if they can’t get their buses to run on time, will they please supply me with a warmer overcoat.

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield.