The Yelps, The Leadmill, Wednesday

MIDWAY through a tour which should enlighten plenty more ears as to their witty and hooky wares these Wolverhampton wanderers are about to put out a new single.

Ramshackle Of A Rave is released (on Union Mill) on April 28, sequel to the four-piece's critically lauded debut single P.E.O.P.L.E late last year.

The new record is taut, energetic indie rock drawing from both modern and past influences cramming joyous guitars, a shovel of style and clever lyricism into less than three minutes.

The Yelps are Oli Burslem (vocals and guitar), Greg Hughes (bass), Andy Jones (guitar) and Yog Foote (drums). And as the Tesco slogan sort of says, 'every little Yelps'.

David Dunn


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