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El3emis age-defying facial
El3emis age-defying facial
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There is a secret ingredient in the most intensive anti-ageing facial ever devised by beauty experts Elemis.

It’s a jowl harness.

That’s not its official name, I must add. But in effect, that’s what it is. It’s produced mid-way through the Elemis Pro-Intense Lift Effect facial at Sheffield’s Spa 1877 off Glossop Road,

But there’s far more to this one-hour facial than that. It combines highly efficient products with strong, deep and powerful hands-on lifting massage techniques and targets sagging jowls, cheeks and chin, whilst helping to reduce puffiness and fluid retention. And it gets results. In independent consumer tests, 82 per cent of women stated they would delay facial surgery or Botox following a course of these facials.

The treatment begins with a foot cleanse - it’s the signature Welcome Touch that starts every Elemis treatment. My make-up is removed, then my face is cleansed. A facial oil is applied, then a Gentle Rose Exfoliator is massaged in to lift off dead skin cells.

So far, it feels like any other facial. But then the intensity changes. Amber Massage Balm is massaged in with firm pressure from the therapist’s fingers and thumbs along the jawline, across the cheeks, around the mouth and along the chin. I can almost feel her lifting my face back into place.

Then it’s time for that jowl sling - the plant nutrient-impregnated mask swathes the chin and fastens around each ear. Gel masks are also placed under my eyes and I get a relaxing scalp massage.

After that come yet more layers of plumping, pampering products with a Swedish neck and shoulder massage sandwiched between. a final layer of lift-effect Elemis products go on and it’s time to look in the mirror. Elemis say results are visible after just one treatment and indeed, my face does look more lifted and firmed. AND I feel mentally and physically rejuvenated. Result.