The Diary: This is lovely art – now please may I have your heart?

Vanessa D'arcy and Steven Styan
Vanessa D'arcy and Steven Styan
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And talking of art, here’s one chap who hoped it would prove the way to his beloved’s, well, heart...

Steven Styan proposed to girlfriend Vanessa D’arcy after arranging for the gallery where they did their early courting to be shut for their own private exhibition.

He filled the walls with her favourite works, dotted the courtyard with candles and organised a specially cooked meal to be served in the display room at Cupola in Hillsborough. Then he popped the question.

“It was a lot of work,” says the 39-year-old practitioner at Barnsley Hospital. “Fortunately she said yes.”

“It was so romantic,” adds Vanessa, a 42-year-old therapist and mother-of-two. “He hadn’t even finished the sentence before I said yes.”

The gallery, in Middlewood Road, is special to the art lovers – who met on a medical training course 14 years ago – because they would visit it on early dates. They have bought several pieces to decorate both their current home in Leader Road, Hillsborough, and their new house in Oakbrook Road, Ranmoor, where they will move this autumn.

“You hear about people going abroad and proposing on moonlit beaches,” says Steven. “But I wanted somewhere that was special for us and held memories.”

The pair will marry next year.