The Diary: The Cross is full of angels at Christmas

Angels from Parson Cross Initiative
Angels from Parson Cross Initiative
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Residents have long said it’s a Heavenly place to live. Now Parson Cross really is full of angels, it seems.

Dozens of three-inch papier mâché models of the celestial beings have been mysteriously appearing across the north Sheffield estate in the run-up to Christmas.

They’ve been found sitting in bus shelters, resting in phone boxes and hanging in trees. One was discovered in Colley Park, another was left in Palgrave Road.

“I’m not sure where they’ve come from,” one resident phoned The Diary to say. “But it makes a change to have angels instead of youths hanging around.”

Now, after some seasonal snooping, The Diary can reveal these mysterious creations are the work of a local church group hoping to spread joy and goodwill this Christmas.

Members of the Parson Cross Initiative – a community group affiliated to Mount Tabor Methodist Church in Wordsworth Avenue – want people to pick the hand-made angels up, take them home and add them to their domestic decorations.

“Why do it?” ponders Nick Waterfield who has led the project. “This is the season of Advent where we, as Christians, start to prepare for the upcoming celebrations.

“These Advent Angels are a way of blessing our friends and neighbours, of saying thanks, and of trying to share our love in a fun way.”

Already several have been removed – which is a positive sign, says community worker Nick, who himself lives on the estate.

“I don’t say some haven’t been thrown away or destroyed,” he notes. “But we’re hoping at least a few have been taken to good homes.

“We’ve had a photo emailed to us showing an angel hanging up in a house. Family Christmas decorations often last for entire generations so it’s nice to think something we made and left out could still be brightening Christmas for someone years from now.”

The group did something similar – though on a smaller scale – in 2011 and 2012 when they hung clay angels and clay stars around.

“That went down really well,” says Nick, “So we thought we’d do it again.”