The Diary: Retired teacher Journeys from e-book to publishing deal

Felicity Knight
Felicity Knight
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...And here’s another South Yorkshire woman who has had a book published – this one a work of fiction...

Retired Doncaster teacher Felicity Knight, of Braithwaite, has penned Carenza’s Journey – about a war-time orphan whose life takes her on a remarkable journey into antiques.

There’s love. There’s loss. There’s old Wedgwood furniture.

And, after the story started life as an e-book, it was such a hit with readers it has now been properly released in time for Christmas by London publishers Austin Macauley.

“The idea for the book came over time but it is partly autobiographical,” says Felicity who moved to South Yorkshire in 1983 and has taught as a primary teacher in several schools here. “The storyline is based on a village where I grew up in Worcestershire where my father was the school head teacher.

“It was very exciting receiving a publishing contract because writing has been something I have wanted to do since I was a teenager.”

Now, just like Carenza in the story, she’s refusing to rest on her laurels. The mother-of-two is already working on a sequel.

“Some of it is going to be set in South Yorkshire,” she says. “I think I will find it easier to set a book in an area I know well.”

It’s in the shops now.