The Diary: Newlyweds set to carry on screening for honeymoon

Steve Corker and Lauren McIntyre
Steve Corker and Lauren McIntyre
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They say getting married can be one of the scariest things you ever do – and that’s especially true for this couple.

Steve Corker and Lauren McIntyre are eschewing a usual honeymoon and, instead, spending the weekend after their wedding attending Celluloid Screams.

“We’re both massive horror film fans,” says the 30-year-old bride. “So what better way to start married life than with a bit of big- screen blood and mayhem?

“Some people might not think it very romantic but, anyone who knows us, will know this is something we’ll love doing together.”

The pair, of Park Grange Road, plan to watch every single minute of every single film over the three days, while treating themselves to the odd candlelit burger in between screenings.

That follows their wedding in York this Saturday which will itself have a Gothic twist, says archaeologist Lauren. Touches include a black and white wedding dress for her, a punk suit for him and table settings based on 1930s Swedish horror Haxan.

“It’s going to be dead nice,” says signalling designer Steve, 33. “No pun intended.”

Films showing at Celluloid Screams include Basket Case double bill, Delivery and Return Of The Living Dead. Full ticket prices and schedule details at