TECHTALK: App Of The Week is Voicemail Santa

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Christmas is coming and there’s no better way to get the kids excited than a phone call and text from Santa - which is what you get with this app.

Call Santa and listen to his voice message then he gives you the choice to add someone to the naughty or nice lists, tell him what presents you want or just record him a message to say hello.

Add as many people as you like to the naughty and nice lists and ask for as many presents as you like!

Text message Santa and he replies just like real! No airtime or data is used as it is not a live call or text.

Santa gives the option to listen to a special elf poem.

Parents can use this app to encourage good behaviour from their children as you can call Santa anytime and add your children to the naughty and nice lists. Available now from your app store.