TAKEAWAY TEST: Levantine Cuisine, 208 Pitsmoor Road, Sheffield

Levantine Restaurant
Levantine Restaurant
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YOU know what no-one ever says? Let’s stay in and have a Syrian tonight. No-one says that.

Maybe Syrians do, I don’t know. I’ve never been there and, frankly, right now, its not high on the list of potential places for a summer holiday.

But the point is, in Blighty, you don’t get many people deciding they’re too lazy to cook and will instead opt for a Syrian take away.

Doesn’t happen. Reader, we are missing out.

For Pitsmoor’s Levantine Cuisine restaurant and take away which provides dishes from the old Levant region - essentially modern day Syria, Palestiine and bits of Jordan - is a taste sensation.

A better writer than I has said it. Some six months ago it was reviewed as a restaurant in this very paper, and was given a max-illicious five stars.

As a take-away (with free delivery within three miles) it’s every bit as worthwhile.

We started with jawaneh, which were deliciously garliced-up chicken wings, before she went for the mixed grill, three skewers of meat exploding with flavour, and I sampled the lamb kousi, a pot roast of meat, onions, tomatoes and herbs which was every bit as delicious as it sounds. The meat literally crumbled under the touch.

Both were served with aromatic rice and fresh salad; and a portion of Levantine bread was seriously enjoyable in mopping up the juices.

At just over £20 it didn’t come cheap but there was no question it was value for money.

Conclusion? Syria might not be an ideal holiday right now but it’s well worth sampling the cuisine.

Takeaway Facts

Delivery time: 30 minutes.

Parking: Large car park.

Menu: Extensive and full of exotic dishes.

Price: £20.60p - but good value.Verdict: Different - and delicious.