Take Two with Colin Drury

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And talking of shows inspired by South Yorkshire films, which we were in today’s main Diary piece, a new adaptation of Kes starts at the Crucible next month.

Except, as previously reported in The Star, this version will be a purely dance and musical show. There will be no speech and no script.

Which is certainly bold and brave and innovative. But doesn’t it ignore one rather important fact? That the genius of both the Barry Hines book and the Ken Loach film is in the dialogue? That without PE teacher Mr Sugden telling his class of lads that “Dennis Law’s in the wash this week” or the continual Barnsley-brogue bickering between Jud and Mrs Casper the magic disappears?

Lose the words and, frankly, you may as well take the bird away too.


Now we’re not saying that this page has undue influence in Parliament but can it really be a coincidence that just a couple of months after we advocated the rights of 16- and 17-year-olds to vote South Yorkshire MP John Healey has taken up the call?

Er, yes, it can.

But, still, the Wentworth and Dearne MP has gone on record, as reported in this paper, as backing plans to make under 18s part of the electorate.

Quite right too. If you’re old enough to pay tax, it’s surely an ideological aberration that you’re not also old enough to have a say on who is taxing you.

Let the youngsters have the say they deserve.


Welcome news that Telephone House, the empty former BT building in Wellington Street, is to be transformed into 340 city centre apartments.

That should help the city ring in the changes.