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Gritting bosses have told The Star they are - quote - “ready for anything” this winter, then?

Anything? Just being ready for snow and ice would be an improvement on most years, wouldn’t it?


Although what a way to tempt fate.

Confident they’re ready for anything? Cue the worst winter in about a century.


It’s a sad or exciting day depending on your view of the closure of Castle Market.

But the move to The Moor has had one rather unusual consequence: it means a little bit of Sheffield is set to ‘rise’ down in Somerset.

Alison Farr and Timothy Chuter, owners of the Sheaf Valley Bakery, based in the old market, have decided not to make the switch across town but will instead be taking their business down to Yeovil.

Partially, that’s because she grew up down there and partially it’s because rules at the new market mean they wouldn’t have been allowed access to their own store before 5am which, in turn, means they wouldn’t have had time to bake their bread for customers to buy fresh.

A shame for Sheffield.

But the couple will be keeping the name. Which means somewhere in Somerset there’ll now be a little Sheaf Valley.

city exhibition

Remember Mark Turner?

This is the former Diary star who, after the recession caused him to shut his design business, has turned things round by drawing stunning pop art pictures of Sheffield landmarks.

They include images of Abbeydale Picture House, the old wedding cake Register Office and the Henderson’s factory - and they’ve been selling like, well, bottles of Hendo’s at a pie convention.

Now the 54-year-old, of Loxley, is set to host his first exhibition - which will also include pictures of city stars like Jessica Ennis-Hill.

It runs at the Harland Cafe in John Street from December 1.