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Exhibits and ephemera from 30 years of Sheffield sculptor Anthony Bennett will be on display at the University of Sheffield’s Western Bank Library from September 12 to December 20.

I Can Do That! chronicles the extraordinary enterprises of Bennett, whose treasure trove of memorabilia records his professional proficiency, his perseverance and his joy for participation in collaborative endeavours and initiatives. Often referred to as ‘Showman sculptor’, Bennett presents sculptures which celebrate popular culture and aesthetics. From working class roots, his desire to communicate with the masses through playful yet sophisticated figurative sculpture has never left him.

Bennett’s creative relationship with Professor Vanessa Toulmin of The National Fairground Archive, with their shared love of ‘illegitimate’ entertainment and culture, has led to a series of collaborations featuring Bennett’s sculpture at Blackpool’s Showzam festivals and the Wondershow at The Roundhouse London, and culminating in the conception of The Ideas Bazaar at the University of Sheffield and the acclaimed Festival of The Mind.

Andrew Moore, exhibitions curator at the National Fairground Archive, said: “Bennett’s anarchic sensibilities and enthusiasm for DIY dynamics are somewhat disguised by the virtuosity of his art, but his punk rock passion shines through whatever medium he chooses. Through his art Bennett lives his mantra – Want to change the World? – There’s nothing to it!”

The exhibition opens on September 12 and closes on 20 December 2013. Times available on Sheffield University