Take Two: The Rabbit gets ruined

Adrian 'The Rabbit' Morgan and Jamie Midgley
Adrian 'The Rabbit' Morgan and Jamie Midgley
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A second look at Sheffield’s news with diarist Colin Drury...


Remember Adrian ‘The Rabbit’ Morgan?

This was the American competitive eater - ranked seventh in the world by stomach-sports body (!) Major League Eating - who appeared on this page last month.

That was after he announced he was to use Sheffield’s very own Henderson’s Relish to help him in a bid to win the (er, prestigious) World Oyster Eating Championship.

Competitors are allowed to use a condiment during the annual tournament, held in New Orleans, and the 27-year-old had chosen Hendo’s after being introduced to the spicy stuff by Sheffield ex-pat Jamie Midgley.

So how did he do?

Not bad, as it turns out. He managed to knock back 30 dozen oysters in eight minutes. But that wasn’t quite enough to take glory.

Rival Sonya ‘The Black Widow’ Thomas, who used cocktail sauce as her condiment, gobbled up 40 dozen. Yes, 40 dozen.

“The Rabbit almost threw up on four occasions during the competition,” notes Jamie. “Despite chugging from a bottle of Henderson’s as he struggled on.”


And talking of global sporting tournaments, a little one - less prestigious than the oyster eating championship, perhaps - kicks off in Brazil today.

The World Cup is here and, by all accounts, it will be effecting the behaviour of Sheffielders.

A poll of 3,000 England fans, conducted by William Hill, found 37 per cent of us Sheffield viewers will feel some sort of stress level increase when England play. Presumably the other 63 are so used to pulling out hair watching Wednesday or United, the Three Lions leave them almost Zen-like.


Now far be it for this column to be called cynical but Sheffield city centre retail quarter is finally set to happen?

Wouldn’t you be slightly more confident if Councillor Leigh Bramall, announcing the scheme, hasn’t used the phrase “there are no guarantees in life”?