Take Two: Something to get teeth into

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It might be commonly accepted as one of the finest horror novels ever – but it seems a Sheffield writer reckons he’s penned an improved version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Although he admits, it might not appeal to everyone.

Kris Anderson, of Grenoside, has written a new interpretation of the 1897 book detailing, he says, “what really happened” when solicitor Jonathan Harker travelled to Transylvania.

The fact it’s published by London-based House of Erotica might give you an idea what kind of novel it is. Safe to say, you’re never more than a couple of pages from a couple of men going at it hammer and tongs.

Even the blurb has it’s own surprises. Apparently young Harker – happily engaged to beautiful Mina in the original fiction – now has (but of course!) a rent boy lover too.

The book, simply called Harker, is available online.


What next, one wonders? A novel uncovering what really happened between Ishmael and Captain Ahab while at sea hunting for Moby Dick?


Good news for anyone who’s ever missed a loved one’s birthday or special occasion: you can blame it on the fact you live in Sheffield.

A new survey apparently shows the Steel City is the third most forgetful place in the UK. Sixteen per cent of us here admitted to letting major anniversaries slip our minds. Shocking perhaps but at least that’s better than Glasgow, the worst offenders, where 19 per cent of adults questioned by website Groupon admitted neglecting to remember significant dates.