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He’s the trainee funeral director turned Sheffield singing superstar turned comedian.

That’s Shaun Doane, lead singer of much loved city comedy uke band The Everly Pregnant Brothers and this month - as previously revealed in The Diary - preparing to host his own monthly stand up night. But now, he’s branching out again. The 44-year-old’s debut solo album, called To Be Honest, is out today.

“It’s not comedy like the brothers,” he says. “But I hope people will like.”



And talking of The Everly Pregnant Brothers, the band are currently preparing for their Christmas gig at a sold out O2 Academy.

The uke-totters will play there on December 21. And that will be especially poignant for youngest member Charley McKee.

He worked at the venue as a glass collector when he was just 16 and always vowed he would play there. Although, as fellow member (and his father) Pete McKee notes: “I don’t thing a sweaty uke parody band was part of that plan.”

Delivering the truth

An unusual turn of phrase crops up in a Barnsley Council report.

According to the document: “Babies born in the St Helen’s ward are more likely to be subject to mother smoking at time of delivery.”

Er, at the time of delivery? No-one says popping a sprog is easy but getting stuck into a Marlboro mid-push seems unnecessary, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, that’s not quite what the report meant. An official hastily assures us the term refers to mothers-to-be who smoke through their pregnancy. There have been no reports of women lighting up as the baby arrives.