Take Two: Miners didn’t smell a rat

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David Nobbs – the comedy genius who created The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin – has been recalling his time working for The Star in Rotherham.

The 78-year-old returns to the town for a one-man show at the Rotherham College’s theatre on October 10. But ahead of that he spent a happy half hour recalling his time as a reporter on South Yorkshire’s favourite newspaper in the late Fifties.

He told a colleague he still shudders when he remembers the moment when, while drinking with a couple of hard-bitten miners, a fellow reporter – and fellow southern public schoolboy – bounded happily up to him.

“I must tell you,” he cried, “mummy is very excited because she’s found the most wonderful place that does an absolutely marvellous ratatouille”.

“Luckily” noted David, “the miners didn’t understand a word.”


Also coming to South Yorkshire – to perform in a new show at The Lyceum – is Harry Shearer, who voices the character of Mr Burns in The Simpsons.


off the shelf

And also coming soon is Dan Snow.

The TV historian will be giving a talk on battle castles on October 23 as part of this month’s Off The Shelf festival. That’s assuming, of course, his visit doesn’t get cancelled like last year. Then, rather than coming to Sheffield, the BBC instead dispatched him to – eek – Syria.

Lynx affect?

Meanwhile, at Barnsley Magistrates, a 28-year-old is charged with stealing cans of Lynx from Tesco.

“Did he get caught when female staff were all drawn to his scent?” a colleague wonders.