take two: A TRIUMPH (OR NOT?)

When The Beatles Came To Barnsley by Terry Brookes
When The Beatles Came To Barnsley by Terry Brookes
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Remember Clive and Gillian Raven?

This is the Beauchief couple who appeared on this page after driving from Sheffield to Singapore in a 1968 car bought off eBay for £500.

The vehicle was a Triumph, and so too was the journey.

Indeed, since The Diary told their story last month it has been picked up by several national newspapers.

But not everyone it seems, is impressed by the couple’s incredible 17,342-mile, 127-day, 16-country adventure.

“What a waste of petrol money just to prove a point,” says a typically acerbic internet troll called Alice on The Daily Mail’s website. “Haven’t people got anything better to do with their time?”

Blimey. Cheer up, love.


Another joker, meanwhile, simply asks: “They visited all those places yet they returned to SHEFFIELD?!!”



And on a similar subject, remember Terry Brookes?

This is the Barnsley bloke who appeared on this page after creating the hugely popular When The Beatles Came To Barnsley picture, below. It shows the Fab Four crossing the street, Abbey Road style, in front of the Town Hall.

His other images show Sid Vicious shopping for records in the town’s Casa-Disco and Jimi Hendrix playing the bandstand in Locke Park.

Now, after The Diary drew attention to his ace works, the 57-year-old IT worker has been given his own exhibition at new museum Experience Barnsley, in Church Street.

It runs January 11 – February 23 and is well worth a look. Free too.