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Hat’s Off

It’s a mammoth task and it’s impressed plenty of readers.

Fourteen years ago, as reported on this page earlier this month, Dean Hill decided to research and record all 50,000 Sheffielders who had served during World War One. He’s created a website - sheffieldsoldierww1.co.uk - which aims, ultimately, to record the names, service record, mini biographies and (if available) pictures of each and every one of our boys.

It’s a vast undertaking - and it seems Sheffielders appreciate the effort.

“I take my hat off to this gentleman,” says KingOfMyrtleHill on The Star’s website. “Doing such research must be exceptionally time consuming. However, the reward is there for all to see - an excellent website. Well done.”



And another reader - using the subtle pseudonym ‘Wednesday Will Always Be Bigger’ - gets in touch after this column reported on an online campaign to save Sean Bean from being brutally killed off in his next TV outing.

Commenting on the fact Sheffield United’s most famous fan seems to always meet a sticky 
on-screen end, he notes: “He gets killed because he’s always on the losers’ side - sounds familiar doesn’t it?”


And that’s your lot from me.

After almost four years, I leave The Star today.

Thanks for reading, thanks for emailing, and thanks to the retired English teacher who once phoned in especially to say I used too many dashes - she was, of course, absolutely right.

Suffice to note, it’s been an absolute pleasure being your diarist.