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Long live the legend

Harsh words from a reader who takes issue with this page describing Sheffield alt-rock nightclub Corporation as “legendary” last week.

“There’s a difference between legendary and ‘has been around a long time’,” notes Chris Dowson.


A smashing achievement for squash player Nick Matthew who has been recognised on Sheffield’s Walk Of Fame outside the Town Hall. The two-time world champion was honoured with a star in the pavement as reported in this paper on Saturday.

But a thought: is it right that there are now 18 names on the walkway, and nine of them are sport related?

Undoubtedly this is a city which – Bramall Lane and Hillsborough perhaps excluded – excels in that particular field. But shouldn’t the walkway be more representative of our greats in other areas too?

Otherwise, it’s just not...well, very sporting.


One Sheffielder who may not quite be famous enough for a star but who’s doing great work anyway is designer David Bailey.

The 43-year-old – responsible for designing the Andrew Motion poem on Hallam University’s Owen Building – has just been just been named creative director of Global Experience Language at the BBC. Which, to you and me, means he’ll be responsible for the entire look of all the corporation’s websites.

“It’s a great opportunity,” says David, who still lives in the city.


It’s a little piece of legislation that’s slipped through but how disturbing that, as reported in this paper, any developer building up to 300 houses in Sheffield will no longer have to provide public open space?

That’s a government attempt to encourage development in this recession age – but what a heavy price to pay. Public spaces and community areas should not be a luxury of affluent times, they should be a natural neighbourhood right?