Swear chef given chop

CHEF Richard Russell, who memorably swapped 310 swear words with star chef Gordon Ramsay when he filmed a Kitchen Nightmare at Sheffield's Silversmiths restaurant, has parted company with his boss and former pal Justin Rowntree.

He's been made redundant.

Richard, better known as Richie, was seen by millions of viewers in February as he and the Michelin chef turned the air blue in the kitchen of the Arundel Street eaterie.

One observer counted 240 F-words alone.

So did Richie use the F-word as he was sent packing by his old pal?

"I got my things and left gracefully," he says.

Richie had worked for three years for Justin when he got a call from him.

"He asked me to come in and see him the next day and bring someone with me," says Richie, aged 38, now working as sous chef at Piccolino in Millennium Square.

"I didn't but he had a man with him taking notes."

It gradually dawned on him that he was being made redundant so he left.

Justin, who swore just twice on the show, bringing the total to 312 in 103 minutes, did not return calls and texts from the Diary.

But earlier this year he said his relationship with Richie had been tested to breaking point by the restaurant's financial troubles.

He said in June: "Six months later we are a totally united team. We watched the programme together and we can now laugh at the state we're in."

Ramsay spent a week in Sheffield attempting to turn around the fortunes of what was then the Runaway Girl music bar, turfing out resident musicians and instituting a new menu as Silversmiths.

One of the stunts on the programme was an attempt on the world sausage eating record in the Peace Gardens.

A lot of the menu remains and, at Ramsay's suggestion, Justin brought in a regular weekly pie night.

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