Suicide joiner's last death plea

A RETIRED joiner asked for permission to kill himself before taking his own life, an inquest heard.

Partner Karen refused to give Edwin Roy Holmes approval - but did not expect him to go through with any attempt to kill himself as he had made similar threats in the past.

But she returned to their home on Oak Road, Mexborough, after a trip to the shops on January 17 to find he had hanged himself.

She told the hearing she had reminded him he had an appointment soon with a doctor which they hoped would ease the pain he suffered from a range of medical problems.

Doncaster deputy coroner Fred Curtis heard 49-year-old Mr Holmes' father had hanged himself down a coal mine, and his mother had died of cancer.

He had suffered from a catalogue of problems including blood clots, liver disease, and lung problems, and had been treated for depression.

He was taking eight different types of tablets, including several varieties of painkiller.

He had visited his family doctor's surgery five weeks before his death after suffering pain which he believed to be an internal blood clot.

He asked GP Dr Ann Kirana for oramorph, a powerful painkiller, but she refused to prescribe it because she thought it would not be in his best interests. He was already due to receive a repeat prescription of the drug two days later.

He had tried to kill himself in the past with an attempted overdose.

He was admitted to the Montagu Hospital in Mexborough just before new year with a blood clot.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Mr Curtis said: "In the past he made suggestions about what he would do. He asked his wife's consent, and she made her own observations, that he would see the doctor again shortly after January 17.

"He said he had had enough and asked for permission to die. All in all he was clearly in a depressed state of mind.

"At no time did Mrs Holmes believe he would self harm."

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