Still waiting for savings refund

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AFTER a six-year wait, Margaret Swift’s payout from the liquidators of Christmas savings club Farepak fell at the final hurdle.

Margaret, aged 71, of Hoyland, Barnsley, was in credit for £350 when the business collapsed in 2006.

In October last year her friends, who had the same balance, each received £106.96, but she received nothing.

She wrote to the liquidators and, when there was no response, she wrote to The Star. She said: “To lose £350 was a great shock. But not to get money from the liquidators and for my letter to be ignored is an insult. I also find it impossible to obtain their phone number.”


A SPOKESWOMAN for liquidator BDO said a cheque was on its way.

She added: “We did receive her letter and a cheque was sent but she obviously didn’t receive it.

“We hope this concludes the matter.”