STAR TEST: £1 Easter Eggs - which are the best?

Chocolate Feast: Easter Eggs for less than a pound tested at Heeley Parish Church Playgroup.
Chocolate Feast: Easter Eggs for less than a pound tested at Heeley Parish Church Playgroup.
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WHAT can you get for £1 these days?

A great Easter egg and a big smile from the children, that’s what.

Times are hard and money is tight so we set a group of Sheffield mums a £1 Easter egg challenge.

We wanted them to tell us if it is possible to buy this season’s all-important chocolate treat without spending more than £1.

The results were pleasantly surprising.

Almost every store we tried had an egg for £1 or less.

They were all shapes and sizes but what is most important when you are forking out your hard-earned cash for egg-shaped chocolate?

Ask the mums at the Heeley Parish Church playgroup and it is all about the taste.

Ask the children and it is all about the size of the box or the cool character printed on it.

As far as the youngsters were concerned, they picked their favourites without even tasting a bite.

It was all about One Direction or Minnie Mouse – depending on their age or taste in music.

If it looked good they were happy and they chomped their way through the confectionary without thinking there was much difference between them.

The mums were much more discerning because for them it was all about how the chocolate tasted.

So what was the overall winner?

Even the mums who weren’t great fans of Creme Egg recognised that getting two, as well as the standard Easter egg, was by far the best buy.

There was no doubt that it tasted best too.

As for the children, it looks like the Easter Bunny had better make sure it knows who loves which pop band before it makes any deliveries this year.


Creme Egg – milk chocolate egg with two Creme Eggs

(99p from Morrisons)

If you love Creme Eggs you’ll know that getting two for 99p is great value. Throw in an Easter Egg presented in a nice box and you are onto a definite winner.

* Value: 5

* Taste: 4

Moshi Monsters – milk chocolate egg with jelly beans

(99p from 99p Stores)

You would expect to get a bargain at 99p Store but these little monsters failed miserably in the taste test. One mum even declared she rather not have chocolate at all if that is how it tastes and the jelly beans were no better.

* Value: 3

* Taste: 1

One Direction – milk chocolate egg, mallow pieces and milk chocolate wafer bar

(£1 from Asda)

It is really the box that sells this egg. Girls all over Sheffield will be cutting out the boys’ faces and sticking them to their bedroom wall. As for the sweets - you get lots and the youngsters liked it. The adults weren’t so keen.

* Value: 5

* Taste: 2

Minnie Mouse – milk chocolate egg, mallow pieces and milk chocolate wafer bar

(£1 from B&M Bargains)

Again this proved a hit with the children because you get three things and the box has Minnie Mouse on it. Great value if they aren’t choosy when it comes to taste.

* Value: 5

* Taste: 2

Dairy Milk Buttons – milk chocolate egg with buttons

(Two for £2 from Tesco)

Okay, so you have to buy two for them to cost £1 – they are £1.30 for one. However these are great for little children, just enough chocolate without going over the top and very tasty.

* Value: 4

* Taste: 4

Cadbury’s Pirate Egg Head – milk chocolate egg

(£1 from Wilkinson)

This one gets the Brownie points for eco packing. It proves that no box is needed and comes simply wrapped in foil. However, that also means that it has no extra treats so it really doesn’t make very good value for money.

* Value: 2

* Taste: 4