Soccer star damaged partner's home in fury

By Ray Parkin A SOUTH Yorkshire soccer star has been given a community order after a court heard he "lost his head" after getting a text message telling him his girlfriend was with another man.

Pablo Mills, a Rotherham United defender, kicked the door of her home and smashed an airing cupboard after hearing "noises" coming from her bedroom.

But claims he was armed with a knife at the time and wrote the word "kill" on her computer were withdrawn after she refused to give evidence against him.

Mills, aged 22, was handed a community order, with 50 hours unpaid work and told to pay 655 costs after pleading guilty to a charge of criminal damage at Derby Crown Court.

The court was told he had gone to the Derby home of girlfriend Zoe Newman, the mother of his young child, after getting a text claiming she was "entertaining the attentions of another man".

An earlier hearing had heard how Mills waited for the other man to leave.

Dominic Shelley, prosecuting, told the court: "Miss Newman heard a knock at the door and the letter box bang heavily. She called out 'who's there?' and Mills replied 'what the hell are you doing?'. She described him at that time as 'angry and upset'."

The court was told soon after she heard kicking at the rear of the house "as though someone was trying to break the door down".

Mr Shelley added: "Mills came upstairs and had lost his head by now. He started punching the airing cupboard with his fist - he punched a hole in it. Shortly afterwards he was arrested by police and he agreed he had completely lost his head."

Mark Achurch, defending, said Mills, of Beardmore Close, Derby, earnt 1,200 a week playing for the MIllers and was "very ashamed."

"He accepts that he entered a property which he was not allowed into at the time," Mr Achurch said. "They were going through difficulties and he had received a text message at the time informing him that his girlfriend was entertaining the attentions of another man.

"He arrived at the address, heard noises coming from the bedroom upstairs and he lost his sense of reason. Once the man had left he entered the property and he punched a door in the bedroom."

They were now living apart but wanted to get back together.

Recorder Alain Mainds said: "What you did on that weekend was appalling for a person who is in a position a large number of young boys would give their right arm to be in.

"Your position does not give you the right to behave in an arrogant way with young women. It is clear you go about fathering children and then dump the mothers."

Mills had originally been charged with burglary after he allegedly broke in armed with a knife and wrote the word "kill" on her home computer.

But the charge, which related to the incident in which two mobile phones, keys and a ring were taken, was dropped after Ms Newman refused to give evidence against him.