So what’s the next big thing?

Colin Farrell in Total Recall 2012
Colin Farrell in Total Recall 2012
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So what’s going to be the next big thing in the electronics world?
If anyone knows it’s Clive ‘Max’ Maxfield.

“There are so many “next big things” I wouldn’t know where to start,” said electronics writer and designer Clive, originally from Sheffield.

“Embedded vision and embedded voice will start appearing more soon. Imagine a cat door that isn’t triggered by a magnet on your cat’s collar, instead it uses embedded vision to recognize your cat and grant it entry.

”Or imagine climbing into bed and saying, “Clock, please wake me up at 6:30 AM tomorrow,” and your clock responding, “You’ve asked to be woken at 6:30 AM for the last three days, do you want me to set that as the default for the week?”

“Then there’s the Google Glass thing that will soon be put into contact lenses with tiny LEDs that will link up to your smartphone and project images and information on to the back of your eye so words appear to float in front of the building, book or car you are looking at. The kind of technology they had in the film Terminator and Total Recall.

“There will be a box as you go into a supermarket that will pick up your phone’s mac address and have access to your tastes and habits and be able to target advertising specifically at individuals via TV screens as you walk round the shop.

“In Boston they have an app for phones that records as you’re driving, when your car goes over potholes in the city and it automatically sends a message to the council who can keep an accurate record of where potholes are.”

“There could be a Citizen’s App so if we take a picture of fly-tipping, vandalism or grafitti, the phone would know exactly where we were and which direction we were taking pictures and be able to find the exact spot where the problem was.

“It’s a bit frightening what this technology could be used for in the wrong hands but there will also be companies selling the technology that allows us to block the signal so we can’t be targeted.”