SMITH OF THE STAR: The night Peter stood up to Cocker

Pictured are Peter & Jean Gleadall at home
Pictured are Peter & Jean Gleadall at home
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IT’S NOT easy to stand up to a music legend – even for a Gleadall. But that’s what Peter Gleadall did back in the 60s when Joe Cocker asked him for more cash.

Peter was landlord at the Sicey Hotel in Firth Park in those days and Joe, though up and coming, was still working as a gas fitter in the daytime and playing with the Grease Band at night.

“Joe always filled the place, as did Bitter Suite, but I wasn’t a big fan, a bit too much yelling for me,” said former publican of 40 years Peter.

“We used to be so packed when they were on that we didn’t take so much because it was too crowded to get to the bar. I used to pay them £10 a night and he used to come to me and say ‘come on Pete, give us a couple of quid more’ I would tell him I wasn’t made of money and he’d no chance. He was a good lad and they were great days.

“We did have the police round a few times though because there were so many cars parked outside on the busy nights that they were blocking Sicey Avenue and the buses couldn’t get past.

“I don’t know what they expected me to do about that, I was working in the pub.

“I have some great memories from back then and from the other pubs we kept – The Upperthorpe Hotel, The Crows Nest at Hyde Park, The Plough at Lower Bradfield and The Phoenix at Ridgeway.”