Singing the praise of Sheffield cutlery at Royal Opera House

David Mellor Design's Royal Opera House supper tray
David Mellor Design's Royal Opera House supper tray
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It is one of the world’s most famous concert halls. Now diners tucking into a mid-show meal at London’s Royal Opera House will soon be singing the praises of Sheffield cutlery.

The prestigious venue has commissioned David Mellor Design to create bespoke supper trays and cutlery for its opulent Paul Hamlyn Hall Champagne Bar.

It means concert-goers happy to splash out £28 for an interval feed, served while standing at communal tables, will eat using knives and forks if not quite Made In Sheffield, but at least made with Sheffield heart.

David Mellor Design, which was founded in the city, is now based in nearby Hathersage.

“We hope to serve those guests who want something substantial to eat in more relaxed style,” says Mike Lucy of Royal Opera House Restaurants. “And David Mellor, a name forever associated with superb tableware, is culinary British craft at its contemporary best.”

Here’s some technical stuff: the trays are made from finely jointed European oak and precision-moulded acrylic-capped ABS.

The cutlery comes from the company’s Chelsea collection.

“This will help deliver a unique dining experience,” says Corin Mellor, David’s son and the man who took over his design house.

Worth singing about.