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Arooj Restaurant, Attercliffe
Arooj Restaurant, Attercliffe
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Gusto, 12 Norfolk row, Sheffield S1 2PA

By Elle Bradley-Cox, PR and Marketing Coordinator, John Lewis

I’d recommend Gusto as a fantastic place to go - it’s Sheffield’s best kept secret! From the deliciously naughty ricotta-filled pastries to the fantastic selection of wine, it really is a treat to go there. My favourite meal is one of their velvety risottos. For anyone who’s been to Italy and then can’t stomach our lacklustre replications - trust me and try it. The service is out of this world and the beautifully designed bijoux eating area is intimate without being claustrophobic. Buttery leather chairs and walls the colour of the Mediterranean - I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather spend an evening.

Mud Crab Diner, 521-523 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8PR

By Sheffield bridal accessories designer Debbie Carlisle

The Mud Crab Diner is one of my favourite places to eat in Sheffield. It’s all about American-style food with a contemporary edge. From juicy burgers you design yourself (you can even add peanut butter or a doughnut) to a contemporary take on Baked Alaska, every dish is delicious comfort food at its best. The service is excellent too, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Oh and the breakfasts are incredible – if I’m feeling indulgent I go for the bacon, pancake and maple syrup stack, or if I want something a bit healthier, the breakfast scramble is amazing (I like to add mild Tabasco sauce to mine).

Arooj, 286 Attercliffe Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S4 7WZ

By Architect Alistair Haxton, of Haxton Associates

This place is in an odd location, away from the main area of Attercliffe closer to the city centre. This gives it a feel of being something unique... Almost as if it’s just there for those in the know.

But it’s well worth finding. It does lovely-tasting food at a good price. Unlike most Indians where every dish tastes very similar, here the flavours are unique to every dish. Everything is beautifully cooked and I like the fact that you can see the chefs at work in the kitchen. it’s spacious, plus there are little rooms where you can dine in private. There’s no alcohol licence, but you can take your own. You also get great attentive - but not pushy - service.