Readers’ Champion: Hoping for an Owls v Blades FA Cup final?

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First it was Wednesday, then United. Both clubs are in the last 16 of the FA Cup.

We asked you who you thought would reach the quarter finals of the FA Cup.

Natalie Bamforth: Well blades have won against 2 premiership teams. Owls beat a non league club

Emma Howarth: A quarter-final clash would be interesting- Owls all the way!

Pete West: Wednesday. Forest will put paid to a 1st division side up the owls

Shaun Peach: Wednesday all the way

Patricia White: great hope wed and sheff u in the final

Fittest city push

According to statistics more than half of all adults in Sheffield are obese or overweight.

Dr Ollie Hart is leading a campaign to make Sheffield Britain’s fittest city.

Will you join him or do you think it’s an over-reaction?

Steve Bradshaw: Make swimming/sports facilities more affordable and Sheffield council stop giving out take away licences like smarties!

Rich Allen: Indeed, I got weighed for a medical check up last week, 14 stone 11 lb?!

Katie Ready Meal Flanagan: How can Sheffield become fitter when local sports centres are closing and the ones that are left open are overpriced.

Chantelle Enright: Healthy food is also dearer, it does seem whatever is good for you is overpriced than the stuff what isn’t good for you

Police shocker

Readers were shocked to read our story that police only spend 25 per cent of their time chasing criminals.

Here’s a taste what you said on The Star’s Facebook page:

Terence Timmins: See very few police on my estate but plenty drug dealers dealing without fear! They run our estates

Martin Brammer: Not as much time as they do handing out tickets for easy crimes or moaning about their pensions...

Clive Gray: They never attempted to solve any of the thirteen crimes we were subject to in seven years. All they ever did was issue a crime reference number - thank you and goodbye! Never took any details. Not even the crime prevention unit bothered to turn up.

Dog killers hunt

Our front page on Wednesday told how no-one is to be charged over the brutal killing of a dog tortured, beaten and burned to death on a Sheffield estate.

We asked our readers if they thought police should do more to find the sadistic killers of Staffy Issac?

Paula Theobald: Thats awful, putting a defenceless animal through this. The punishment should match the crime!

Nigel Oates: Of course they should. Would they have taken the same action if it was a human that was tortured and killed??

Adrian Nicklin: Once they find out who did it they should subject him or her to the same treatment.

Victoria Clare Middleton: disgusting should have got time, serial killer in the making cps have made a big mistake

Bedroom Tax

On The Star’s website yesterday Editor James Mitchinson asked for your stories and opinions on the Bedroom Tax and how it is impacting on YOU - the people of Sheffield.

You were onto it in a flash and gave us some strong - some a bit too strong - opinions on the issue.

Here is a flavour of the debate as it first unfolded.

LS Sheffield: I will tell you what is cruel, working 40-50 hours a week to pay tax to support the workshy and feckless. To see your hard earned money getting spent by Sheffield City Council on pet projects such as the CoS whilst watching libraries getting closed and the Don Valley Stadium getting demolished! Watching old British people struggle to make ends meet ... that is cruel. Being witness to our kids rolling out of school without a decent education...ignorant of their history, their heritage and unable to fulfill their potential...rather than provide them with education that would ensure our youth don’t have to struggle to get on the work ladder and avoid the deadly trap that is the Welfare State. THAT IS CRUEL!!! Taking £10-20 a week from the benefits of people isn’t cruel, it is just unfortunate but that’s life.

Halfway Lad: No solution offered, but you certainly hit the nail on the head.

letsgethingsright: Great use of made up statistics there.

outspoken: LS Sheffield well said matey... very well said.