Promises, promises... but will they stick with them?

Tracy Viner
Tracy Viner
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Happy new year!

It’s January 2 and a fair proportion of us are probably already struggling with hastily made resolutions.

Promises of a better you made in the happy (and inebriated) hours of December 31 celebrations are all well and good. But by the cold and grey of today they inevitably look a more daunting prospect.

Did you really buy a full year’s gym membership yesterday? Would the odd cigarette during working hours truly count as smoking? Can you put off that promise to stop procrastinating until February?

Well, The Diary is nothing if not a public service.

And so to inspire Star readers to keep their resolutions - at least until the weekend - we spoke to several Sheffielders who have previously appeared on this page to find out what promises they have made for 2014. And if they were having trouble keeping them yet...


Mark Hobson, 48, of Ecclesall, runs Corporation nightclub:

“I made an early new year’s resolution to give up smoking in September - and so far I’ve done it. I can taste my curries again for the first time in years.

“I’d tried so often to quit on December 31, and always failed. I thought this year I’d do it when I felt most capable. That’s never going to be in depressing January.

“My only other resolution? I always give the club a huge clean in January. I’ll be doing that as normal.”


Tracy Viner, 47, Totley, Cathedral Archer Project fundraising manager:

“Decluttering my life is my priority for 2014. I want to get rid of all the stuff that gathers around your house and in your cupboards but that you never seem to find time to get rid of.

“I don’t mean to be a hoarder but it just seems to happen when you have a big family and a busy work life.

“I’ll have a good clear out in January and then make sure I keep on top of things. Clear environment means clear mind.”


Lee Greenwood, 40, Nottinghamshire, Crystal Peaks manager:

“I’ve got to get fit and lose some of this weight I have put on over the last 12 months.

“The whole management team at Crystal Peaks are aiming for the same so we will all be doing it together. Some of us will be going on diets and some of us will be hitting the gym. It’s good because there will be a supportive spirit in the office - although I’m sure there’ll be a competitive edge too. That means you don’t want to fail.”


Wilda Goyetche, 47, Highfield, artist behind Wildago series:

“I don’t normally make resolutions because I’m rubbish at keeping them so why set yourself up to fall?

“But this year I do actually have one: to learn Spanish. Me and my husband have been living out there during the winter - I have two exhibitions coming up in Javea this month - so learning the language will definitely make things easier. I’m Canadian and already speak French so I’m hoping that will make things easier.”


Bruce Dyer, 38, of Penistone, ex-Barnsley and Sheffield United striker:

“My resolution is to love God more, love people more and love life more. That’s the most anyone can do.

“I always like to take time to appreciate and enjoy life and my family, and make the most of every single day as God intended. In 2014 I’ll be aiming to keep doing that.”


Louise Oliver, 48, Millhouses, partner in Taylor Oliver financial planners:

“My resolution is simple: to seize the day and make the most of the special moments in your life - because otherwise it’s all too easy to get dragged down by the drudgery and hamster wheel routine of things - especially when you work in finance.

“I will be focusing on the positive by not letting the negative get to me, and moving away from all those people who don’t see the good in life. This year is a glass half full year.”