Pals found bloodstained man's body

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WORRIED friends broke into the home of a Doncaster builder and discovered his bloodstained body after he apparently took his own life.

Bachelor Clifford Moore, aged 34, had slashed his wrists and throat in his bedroom, about a year after he made a similar suicide bid, a Doncaster inquest was told.

The court heard Mr Moore was found slumped in a corner in the foetal position in a large pool of blood, which had also stained the walls, carpet and a quantity of cash on the floor.

A five-inch kitchen knife was removed from his right hand, said Pc Jenny Mollon, the first police officer on the scene at the house in St Martin's Avenue, Cusworth, where he lived alone.

His father, also called Clifford Moore, of East Bank, Stainforth, said his son had two children, with ex-partner, Jessica, and had a girlfriend, but they did not live together.

Mr Moore Snr said his son was afflicted by dyslexia which meant he had trouble with his business accounts and had to rely on his mother to do them, but he knew she was struggling with the task.

"He had previously threatened to harm himself and attempted suicide about a year before when he had an argument with his girlfriend. He said he didn't feel he was giving his kids enough time," said Mr Moore, who confirmed his son had also cut his wrists on the first occasion.

"We had no inkling of this, it's caught us all out.

"There has been no suggestion of self-harm in recent weeks. We hadn't got a clue," said his dad.

Friends, who tried to contact Mr Moore Jnr last weekend, got no answer to their calls and became so concerned they forced entry to his house on Sunday afternoon and found his body.

Deputy Doncaster coroner Fred Curtis adjourned the inquest to await futher evidence.


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