Our annual summer litter louts are a shame to the city

Disgusting: litter in The Wicker
Disgusting: litter in The Wicker
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Absolutely disgusting.

That’s surely the only way to describe the litter louts who – regular as clockwork in the summer – take to tossing takeaway boxes, food cartons and other urban debris not in bins but over the benches and pavements of The Wicker. I just don’t understand it.

Why anyone chooses to dump their garbage rather than throw it away has always been a mystery to me. Why anyone would choose to foul their own home streets and own town’s green areas boggles the brain. It’s the behaviour of a socially inept child, not a fully functioning adult. Especially in a place like The Wicker where bins are so readily available.

I stood and watched recently as someone in a traffic jam threw a can from a car in Corporation Street. I felt like picking it up and lobbing it back in the window. But he was a big bloke. So I just picked it up and threw it in a bin instead. But what a moron this fella must be. There are bigger issues in the world to get worked up about of course. But this is such a pathetic problem that should be so easily solved.

As city councillor Jack Scott says: “there is no excuse for littering.”

Quite right. So maybe we should have some of this restorative justice that’s so often talked about. Find the cretins responsible and dump the mess in their living room.