Opinion: Pointless bureaucracy

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Sometimes a business idea makes such win-win sense, it’s a joy to behold it. Like that of Harold Mortimer.

This is the 70-year-old mobile trader who, as reported in this paper, has delivered essentials to customers across Wybourn and the Manor for 30 years.

Harold turns a profit doing something he loves, while residents see him as a lifeline.

Who could have any complaints? Er, Sheffield City Council.

Curmudgeons there have drawn up new rules which would have stopped Harold selling milk or bread. Only after this paper highlighted the ridiculous situation did councillors agree to waive the law and let things be.

But it should never have got to that point, should it?

This is a local council which couldn’t be more at pains to tell anyone who’ll listen how government spending cuts are ruining the city. Maybe so. But perhaps officers should be wasting less time and money on pointless bureaucracy, and more of both commodities on coming up with more imaginative ways of dealing with austerity.

getting to grips with festival

Ah, Tramlines festival? It’s all about bands, beers and a busker bus. And wrestling too, this year, it seems.

The Library Theatre, in Tudor Square, is staging a bunch of bouts to coincide with the last day of the music event on July 27.

Promoters, Dronfield-based Elite British Wrestling, reckon that by the Sunday audiences will be bored with rock and ready for a rumble so they’re putting on a series of shows – including their first ever adult’s only evening performance.

“By that time, we’re thinking people will have had a few drinks during the day,” says organiser Keith Tarry. “So it should be nice and lively.”