Now, tat’s one way to show your love for Sheffield sauce

Alex Wilson and tattoo
Alex Wilson and tattoo
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It is the condiment that no self-respecting Sheffield dining table would be seen without: a bottle of Henderson’s Relish.

But while city folk are renowned for loving the sauce so much there’s an old joke that babies born here are baptised with it, is it perhaps possible to be just a little too fond of the black stuff?

Alex Wilson clearly thinks not. The Territorial Army lance-corporal has had a bottle tattooed – tattooed! – on the back of his leg. It was to remind him of home when he spent six months on patrol in Afghanistan last year.

“I’m a true Sheffielder, I never want to be without my Hendo’s,” says the 24-year-old of Ecclesfield. “Some blokes have their wife’s name. At least I’ll never divorce Henderson’s. What did the tattoo artist say? Not a lot. It’s my leg.”

But if having a pie accompaniment inked forever on your body seems a little surprising, it’s not even that uncommon by all accounts.

“I’ve seen them before,” says Liz Casleton, office manager at Henderson’s Leavygreave Road HQ. “Do I think it’s daft? Well, put it this way, you wouldn’t find me having a bottle of tomato sauce done on my forearm but each to their own.

“There are about three or four out there – all lads, of course. It’s nice they like our relish, I suppose.”