Nature reserve plan at sewage works

AN abandoned sewage works near Doncaster could become part of a popular nature reserve.

Severn Trent Water has applied for permission to flatten remaining buildings at the former works in Stoney Well Lane, Maltby.

The site would then be converted into a hay meadow and grassland and would become part of the adjacent Maltby Low Common nature reserve.

It is in an area already classified as being of high landscape value, and part of the surrounding land is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Rotherham Council planners are already recommending that the scheme be approved - but its ecology officer says he is worried about disturbance from a proposed new access road.

Conservation groups such as Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Natural England and the Maltby Common management committee will be given chance to comment on the plan. But a report by planning officials says: “The proposals will result in significant benefits to the environment by the provision of a hay meadow, grassland and enhanced wildlife habitat.

“With regard to the access track the route has been chosen to minimise impact on the ecology.”