Mixed views on prospect of Sheffield council strike

GMB organiser at Sheffield Council, Peter Davies.
GMB organiser at Sheffield Council, Peter Davies.
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Sheffield City Council staff are considering strike action in support of their pay claim.

Trade unions the GMB and Unison say members are prepared to take industrial action to fight the introduction of ‘spot salaries’ which remove the right to pay increases and bring in a single pay rate for each job.

They say more than 4,000 Town Hall workers could face a pay cut, while just 1,500 would receive a rise with standardised pay grades.

The council says it is proposing to end a three-year pay freeze, and two-thirds of staff would be better off.

This is what you wrote on the Star’s Facebook page:

Ben Miskell: Absolutely great, it’s about sending a message to this Tory/Lib Dem government that public service and public servants matter.

Mark Maloney: No. They are mollycoddled as it is. Try a real job like doing a 12-hour shift on a building site like I do, especially in middle of winter. They don’t realise how lucky they are. Ultra left trouble makers they are, typical champagne socialists.

Mick Ibbotson: I am surprised they’ve not struck already just on the threat of this.

Angie Dancer: Yes. Everyone should stand up for their rights to a decent living wage. I thought it was a basic human right to be able to provide for your family. Not in this government’s eyes evidently.

Craig North: Sack them all. I would love a cushy job like that. I hate the TUC trade unions. Ask yourselves how much trade union leaders earn each year? All earn massive salaries. Did Scargill suffer during the miners strike? Did he hell.

Jennifer Carter: It’s the lower paid staff at the bottom who always suffer. Bills are going up all the time so not getting a pay rise means you get a pay cut.

Garet Land: If the council workers fight and win, it will benefit all workers in the city. Why? Because it will show that by taking strike action we can improve our terms and conditions in all workplaces including building sites.

Faz Khan: See how they go on strike for their own reasons but never for the public? Do you ever see councils or government departments going on strike for public? NO. I hope they don’t get that pay rise, they don’t deserve it... sit on their backsides deciding and making choice for the public that’s all they ever do. Bedroom tax. What’s next? Make the public suffer, that’s all they’re good at.

Steve Rowe: No wonder the coalition get away with murder, jeez stand together, stop playing their game.

Andrew Barnett: Give ‘em the rise, bang it on council tax in true Labour style.

Annalisa Ingrosso: Not sure some of the people commenting understand who is striking and why!

Wednesday woe

It might be Christmas but at least half of our readers are hoping for gifts from men wearing blue and white outfits...

Sheffield Wednesday’s plight was on the minds of Owls fans after they went down to another home defeat - this time to Bournemouth last Saturday.

According to pretty much everyone - including caretaker manager Stuart Gray - they were poor.

We asked our readers: “What are we going to do with Sheffield Wednesday?” This is what you said on The Star’s Facebook site:

Nigel Allsop: Get Warnock in.

Paul Weston: Maybe they could have a Save Our Owls like they always do...

Craig North: They can change their manager as much as they want but the same problems will remain. It is a club that lacks ambition in a decaying old stadium. Shame because they have a very loyal big support but the same problems have been there for nearly 15 years.

Andrea Edge: They can win, we have seen them do it, but it needs to be every week not just hit and miss – and also not just to win when they are showing off to the new manager.

Paul Thorpe: I’m going to enjoy my Christmas dinner and pressies.

Andrew Barnett: They need to get out of Hillsborough. No-one in the football world likes going